Ark of Time


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As a sport journalist, you’ll have to investigate about the disappearing of a cultural expedition team, sent underwater in the abysses of the Atlantic Ocean to find any traces of Atlantis: starting from the Caribbean, you’ll have to travel the world to follow the signs and find the missing Professor’s team.

As far as I can recall the first computer game that had a story based around the fabled lost city, Atlantis, was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (that was a few years back now). Now there seems to be a rush of titles centred around this general theme with the release of Timelapse, Atlantis: The Lost Tales and also this game, Ark of Time.

Ark of Time is much closer in design to Indiana Jones in that it is an inventory based, third person perspective adventure, as opposed to the other two which are first person perspective, have limited inventories and more abstract puzzles. However, like Timelapse, Ark of Time links Atlantis strongly with other ancient and mysterious cultures of our world. Hence we are presented with a theory, or story might be a better word, pondering the origins of Stonehenge, the Easter Island monoliths and the Mayan Pyramids.


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