Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain


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Revenge. You can almost taste it. You deserve vengeance. You lust for blood. You are Kain. Your enemies killed you in the ultimate act of treachery. But through the blackest of sorcery, you have returned – as a vampire. For sustenance, you must fear upon the blood of the living. For revenge, you will exact the darkest of fates upon your murderers. Nothing is sweeter than the blood of your enemies. Epic Role-Playing Game: Journey through the depraved lands of Nosgoth in search of your murderers, with thousands of detailed screens and 100+ hours of dark, gothic adventure. Gory Combat Action: Engage in ferocious combat brimming with 170 horrifying enemies, eight weapon / armour power-ups and over 20 demented spells and objects – each with a unique, bloody graphic. Vampire Bloodfest: As a lord of the undead, you must drink the blood of your enemies to survive. Transform from vampire into one of four sinister forms to escape – wolf, nobleman, bat or mist.


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