Cardinal Syn


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The Bloodland was ruled by a variety of Clans, each with a distinctive hatred for one another. There was constant bickering over territory and differing beliefs; dead bodies would litter the once beautiful terrain. But one day, the Wanderer appeared and rallied all the Clans together. He brought with him a Book of Knowledge that he divided amongst the groups; with these scrolls, each Clan could successfully coexist without fighting.

When the Wanderer disappeared, the Clans resorted back to their own ways. Each wanted possession of the book and battles and rage wars broke out all over the Bloodland. One day, Syn appeared out of nowhere, much like the fabled Wanderer. But her reasons were different; she transformed each Clan’s scrolls into a deadly weapon and instituted a tournament. Whoever won the tournament would rule the land forever!

Cardinal Syn is a 3D fighter that features a total of 20 characters. Eight of those fighters are selectable upon booting the game up; by finishing the game various times with different characters, more fighters become available. Additionally, there are two bonus characters waiting to be found — are you good enough to unlock them?


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