Chu Chu Rocket


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Blast-off with Dreamcast’s first-ever networked title: ChuChu Rocket. It’s the age-old game of cat and mouse — with a cyber-twist. Sega makes gaming history by hooking up your Dreamcast to the world. Now you can take on a group of online strangers in an all-out battle over the Internet! It takes only a few minutes to learn ChuChu Rocket.

All you have to do is herd your ChuChus (space mice) into their rocket before the KapuKapu (scary space cats) catch up to them. The game may seem simple, but don’t be fooled. Your brain will shift into warp speed amid the fast and furious chasing, mind-bending puzzles, multiplayer teamwork, and your opponents’ sneaky tricks. Catch the mystery mice and a timed event throws everyone’s strategy out of whack. Whether you play solo, or play the nation, you’ll get infected by ChuChu fever.


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