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Colin McRae Rally is a rally racing game from Codemasters. The game features the popular European style of racing: rallying. When you rally race, there is only one car on the track, yours. You must race against the clock and the other times put up by the other cars. To win, you must get the best time.

Colin McRae Rally has a number of different modes to keep you busy. There is the championship mode, the time-trial, the rally, or rally school.

The first option that any racer should pursue is rally school. Here, much like in games like Gran Turismo, you must perform different activities. For example, you have to race around a loop a bunch of times without hitting too many cones. Another activity is for you to hit a high speed and then stop in a marked-off area. There are three levels of difficulty here: novice, intermediate, and expert. As the difficulty increases, the tasks become harder. The school itself shows a picture of a television with Colin McRae Rally on it. Colin McRae tells you what you must do in order to complete the task.


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