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When a nation has been oppressed by a government or tyrannical leadership, its people can either revolt or take their undue punishment lying down. In this case, the League of Free Worlds felt the Earth-based naval Empire had taken things too far; they initiated a revolution, a rebellion against their leaders. And they were successful — they depleted the Empire’s taskforce so much that the League of Free Worlds became a dominating force of the solar system.

This was the basis of Colony Wars. After the war was completed, the Empire were confined to their own solar system; imprisoned within Sol. Decades passed and the once glorious force managed to survive long enough to reproduce and keep their existence alive.

A man named Kron was appointed the new leader of the reformed Empire. His initiative is simple: escape Sol with the remaining forces in tact and rebel against the League of Free Worlds; to destroy them in a bitter act of vengeance. Players assume the role of Mertens, a loyal naval fighter pilot trained in guerrilla combat, unit leadership, and air warfare.

The League of Free Worlds may have won the battle, but the Empire is out to win the war — this is the premise behind Psygnosis’ sequel Colony Wars: Vengeance. Set throughout nineteen different acts, players will engage in over forty unique missions, each advancing the naval forces’ powers. Depending on how the game is played, players will be treated to one of six different endings.

After receiving mission briefings, it will be up to the player to carry out that mission; failure hampers the Empire’s progress. Typical missions involve destroying the League of Free Worlds’ space structures, fighter pilots, and escorts. Many times, you’ll find yourself fighting through dogfights of epic proportions; it’s like a war out there! Additionally, there will be reconnaissance and intelligence missions that will require players to capture and escort certain people/forces from point A to point B.


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