Duke Nukem Time To Kill


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Get on the Duke bandwagon — it is time to kill.
Duke was celebrating his recent victory over the scum-sucking alien pigs — and lizards and brains — with a few beverages and ladies at a club when, all of a sudden, a bunch of pig cops came busting in. He took care of them and, as he headed outside, his 1968 custom hog changed in a flash of light into a pink bike. Well, you can mess with Duke, but don’t mess with his ride. Immediately, Duke put the puzzle together: the aliens were trying to take over the world.

With a colossal arsenal of high-tech weapons and personality, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill gives you classic Duke action for the PlayStation. Experience the irreverent Nukem attitude up close and personal in dynamic third-person perspective. This is nothing less than hard-core action, exploration and absolute shooter mayhem from the King of Carnage. Play against all-new alien hordes in multiple time zones, using weapons, clothing and outfits designed specifically for each time period.


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