Final Fantasy VIII Remastered


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Like its predecessor, FFVII, Final Fantasy VIII was, at the time of release, the biggest game the world has ever seen, spanning across four CDs. Technology’s come on a bit since then and for this PS4 remaster the game will fit comfortably onto a Blu-ray, but that ambition is still on show. The beautifully rendered introductions scenes form the perfect start to a vast and involving RPG. With so many variables and sub-plots, it is unlikely that one will ever play it all, even if they do reach the end. This PS4 version comes with a graphical overhaul befitting the current generation of games consoles, as well as a host of options when it comes to tailoring the game to suit your preferred style. With a classic story, incorporated with a revolutionary battle system, Final Fantasy VIII Remaster retains classic gameplay and brings this RPG classic to a whole new generation of fans.


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