Magic Carpet


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You fly around on your rug casting spells, shooting fireballs, and building castles with the use of magic. The greater your power, the stronger your spells.

Fly through a mythical world astride a magic carpet that’s equipped with the kind of weaponry that would have any Air Ace green with envy. Battle has to be done with strange and dangerous creatures in this innovative entertainment.

Around 50 islands make up the magical realm that you seek to liberate from the forces of evil, and one of the first priorities is to establish and defend a castle as your base. With a castle in place, it’s possible to collect up the energy discharged by vanquished foes and acquire even more impressive magical weapons.

Magic Carpet defies simple classification – it’s an enchanting adventure that combines the best qualities of flight sims, shoot-em-ups and strategy games.

-ECTS Game of the Year 1995


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