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Monopoly has been knocking about for quite a while now. It’s been around in one form or another since the 1930s, in fact, with it’s origins stretching waaaaaay back to 1904. Something doesn’t get to be around for that long without having: a) a solid foundation and b) a knack for evolution. So it is that in 2008 we find the game on those new-fangled games console things. Long-time players and traditionalists will be happy to know that the core experience that has characterised Monopoly all these years is intact. The traditional US Boardwalk and Park Place boards are present and accounted for, along with a host of world cities to play through. The title also features themed boards with appropriate titles such as jungle, arctic, future, cheese, and deco. New to the game and aimed at all ages is Richest mode. Players decide whether to play at developer, industrialist, or tycoon level, with each determining how many rounds you get involved in and how much strategy comes into play. This ain’t your Grandma’s Monopoly, featuring fast-paced play and an abundance of mini games. In these days of high stakes economics and global capitalism, what could be more appropriate than hi-tech Monopoly?


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