Metropolis Street Racer


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With Metropolis: Street Racer, you can drive 40 licensed vehicles from 14 manufacturers including: Mercedes, Toyota, Renault, Rover, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Honda and Ford. Two hundred different routes though Tokyo, London and San Francisco offer 15 square miles of 3-D scenery created from more than 40,000 photographs and 400 hours of video footage. Play in several game modes, including street race, timed run, head-to-head, model street race, model championship, challenge and championship. Race solo, against a friend via the split-screen mode, or see how you compare against online speedsters by uploading your performance in the Internet hot lap to get rated in a league. Road-handling dynamics and car physics are affected by changing weather conditions including fog, snow and rain. “Real World Time” allows gamers to race at the correct time of day in each city. Metropolis: Street Racer’s authentic engine sounds were recorded from a wide range of cars, but if motor purr isn’t enough for you, you can listen to techno, dance, rock, jazz or country while racing through the city streets.


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