Silent Hill Origins


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The first handheld title in the legendary horror series, Silent Hill Origins uses the PSP to tell an original story with disturbing graphics and all-new gameplay elements. The game’s narrative reveals the origins that transformed Silent Hill from a sleepy town to a hellish stronghold of terror and introduces several new characters to the franchise. Silent Hill Origins follows a solitary truck driver stranded in Silent Hill while making an ordinary trip. Confronted by perversions of his imagination that mirror his troubled past, he must escape from the town as it falls into ruin and also uncover the truth behind the hallucinations that have haunted him for so long. The game introduces several gameplay mechanics that are new to the franchise and provide the player with an enhanced sensation of isolation as they make their way through the desolate streets of Silent Hill. Key to this is a new barricade system that lets players manipulate the environment to impede the progress of pursuing enemies, using furniture and debris to create a sanctuary from the evil that lurks outside. Players can also utilise an enhanced camera designed with the PSP in mind, as well as an updated control scheme for improved combat and more detailed exploration of the environment. Fans of the series will also revel in Silent Hill Origins’ original soundtrack by series composer Akira Yamaoka.


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