Sonic Rush Adventure


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“Sonic returns to the DS in a high-seas adventure where he clashes with ruthless pirates. Playing as Sonic, players will explore action-packed levels featuring the classic gameplay that the Sonic series is known for. Sonic’s new island friends will introduce you to various missions as the story progresses. When it’s time for you to start a mission, talk to Marine (she’ll be at her house – it’s easy to find). Select a mission and try to complete the Act or Boss Stage under the stated terms. Adventure Mode enables you to go to a new island or go explore a new area in the water. Tails can build different transports that enable Sonic and company to travel further out to sea. With a fleet of up to five ships, including a submarine, water bike, and hovercraft, players will use the touch screen technology in exciting new ways to control their ships as they race across the ocean gathering rings and torching pirate ships in fierce ship-to-ship battles. At the end of each level, players will test their skills in epic 3D boss battles that span top and bottom screens, including the ultimate showdown with the evil pirate, Captain Whisker. Battle Mode is a two-player option wherein you can select Race to go up against a friend to see who can reach the goal first, or Collect Rings – a race to grab more of those golden rings than your opponent within the time limit.”


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