Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown


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“A best-selling novelist whose books have been the subject of many a Hollywood blockbuster, Tom Clancy now seems to like nothing as much as the array of storytelling options offered by video games. Ubisoft develop his Splinter Cell games in-house but the popular Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games are developed by Red Entertainment. Clancy’s baptism into the world of video games began in 1998 with the multi-platform release of Rainbow Six, an adaption of a bestselling Clancy novel of the same title. You were recruited by John Clark, a much darker, more paranoid, and more right-wing character than Clancy’s more famous Jack Ryan. Clark, for one thing, believes that the only way to combat terrorism is with the threat of sure and violent retribution. His codename is Rainbow Six. The realistic weapons and tactics of the first game were new to the FPS scene at the time, and the game featured intelligence maps by which you had to co-ordinate your team’s assault. The fourth instalment in this prolific series is as usual developed by Red Entertainment. An evil, freedom-hating terrorist network is planning to kill millions of innocents using an advanced nanotechnology virus. Rainbow, the zero-tolerance anti terrorist squad have been called in to put a stop to this nonsense. Players will experience close-quarter, split-second decision gameplay, playing either as Ding Chavez, the heroic team leader, or Dieter Weber, the reliable if arrogant team sniper. Lead the Rainbow team’s highly skilled operatives, all tooled up with the most advanced equipment available. The game features typical new FPS technology: a new graphical engine, ragdoll physics and heightened enemy AI. As you’d imagine for a tactical FPS, the game also supports full online play, and should delight fans of Tom Clancy games.”


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