Tom Claney’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear


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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear is a true sequel, basically everything in the game is just an upgrade over the original Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. The theme of the series comes directly from novels written by Tom Clancy.

Anti-terrorism missions infused with equal doses of meticulous strategy and fast-paced action move to the world’s most popular console system in this release. Though based directly on the critically praised 1999 PC game, this port of the squad-oriented 3D shooter features new levels and a new strategic interface designed specifically for Sony’s hardy PlayStation console.

Players use maps and background information to put mission goals in context and create a detailed plan of action. The best plans are designed to accomplish all objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the decisions have been made, the team moves out. Each operative behaves according to the orders defined in the plan. The player can also control each team member from a first-person perspective, to guide the operative around unforeseen obstacles.and provide a more intimate experience of the action.


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