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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is the first game of the series to make it onto the next-generation PlayStation 2. This is skateboarding taken to the next level as Neversoft continues to redefine the genre. It’s time to grab your deck, there’s a championship to be won. Combine the graphical power of the PS2 with Pro Skater’s gameplay and you can see why this is a must-have title. The reason why the first two games sold so well is that gamers picked up on how ridiculously playable these titles are. What makes Pro Skater so addictive is the way that you can link tricks together in high-scoring and impressive combinations. The control method allows for an unprecedented level of control over your character. The way that you can interact with the 3D environments is remarkable, you can perform tricks on any ledge, wall or surface. The only limit is your imagination. The graphics are no longer limited by the technical shortcomings of the PSone. The next-generation PS2 can handle massively complex living environments. Levels now evolve as you are playing them. For example, the city levels are full of pedestrians, cars, incidents and accidents that are different each time you play. The changing levels add to the level of realism. New locations include Tokyo, Canada, and Rhode Island. The character roster has increased with the inclusion of Bam Margera, of MTV’s Jackass fame. But what self-respecting skater wouldn’t want to create a virtual version of themselves? You can alter nearly aspect of your custom skater: his or her height, weight, skin colour and style are there to be tampered with. Buy the special tricks you want and you’re ready to go. The gameplay of Tony Hawk 3 is similar to its predecessors, each level has several objectives that can be completed for cash. Finding hidden items, reaching certain score levels, or grinding objects will earn you coin that can be spent on improving your skater’s statistics or buying new tricks. The incentive to complete the game is strong due to the amount of hidden skaters and game modes buried within the code. Each time you win three gold medals with a skater you are rewarded with a high-quality video of them in action. Just watch Rodney Mullen skate, he thinks he’s playing the game in real life. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is another quality title to add to your PS2 Library.


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