Warriors: Legends of Troy


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From the creators of Dynasty Warriors comes a game that tells the tale of the legendary Trojan War. In this ancient time, men and gods fought alongside one another for eternal glory. Legends of Troy will cover the entire length of the 10-year Trojan War, taking influence from mythology and contemporary literature. Players will take control of characters including Achilles and Odysseus, annihilating hordes of soldiers and battling larger-than-life heroes and even confronting mythical creatures sent by the gods. In this tactical action affair, players can take on online co-op with four players, both co-operatively and competitively. Game-play is further enhanced with additional online features that include video chat and leader boards, taking play to the next level. With two unique storylines, player will see the war from two perspectives, enabling the player to do battle as the Trojans or the Greeks; fighting not for home and country, but for love of a single woman.


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